Mechanical Engineering


Mr. Purushottam K Sahu

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the most diverse and resourceful of the engineering disciplines. In addition to physics and mathematics, it encompasses key elements of aerospace, electrical, civil, chemical and even materials science and bio-engineering. Mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life, from mobile phones and biomedical devices, to aircrafts and power plants. Not only engineering, mechanical engineers deal with economic issues, from the cost of a single component, to the economic impact of a manufacturing plant. Besides this, mechanical engineers can also be found in sales, engineering management, and corporate management.

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the biggest departments of The BM College of Technology. We provide a friendly environment for learning, with guidance and pastoral care being offered throughout the course.

Our Mission

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been providing quality education in BM college of Technology. Our mission is threefold, aimed at students, faculty, and industry:

    • Prepare students for careers in industry, academics, and government organizations by nurturing in them the technical capabilities related to mechanical engineering. And interpersonal skills necessary to succeeding in their fields, as well as the foundation for lifelong learning.

    • Provide technical knowledge, leadership, guidance, and support to industry, the government establishments, and the general public.

Faculty List

Name Designation Qualification Publication Total Experience
‘Mr. Purushottam K Sahu Head of Department M.Tech 13 Years
Atul Patil Assistant Professor M.Tech 03 year
BHANWAR LAL KUMAWAT Assistant Professor M.TECH 04 years
GANSHYAM DHANERA Assistant Professor M.Tech 10 Years
JAGDEESH SAINI Assistant Professor M.Tech 10 Years
Kailash Singh Chouhan Assistant Professor M.Tech 04 Year
Mr. Vikash Tiwari Assistant Professor M.Tech 2 Year


Courses Name Seats Duration
BE/B Tech in Mechanical Engineering 60 4 year
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 60 3 Years
M.Tech in Production and Machine Design 18 2 years
M.Tech in Thermal 18 2 years