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D.Pharm in BMCPER

Director dpharma

Dr.Vimukta Sharma

D.Pharm in BMCPER

The institute also caters two year diploma courses. It is a two-year degree program conducted through annual pattern. Admission to a D.Pharm degree program is on the basis of successful completion of the higher secondary examination or the D Pharm program. Passing the higher secondary examination with physics, chemistry, and biology or mathematics entitles a student to enter the D Pharm program.

Faculty List

Name Designation Qualification Publications Total Experience
`Dr. Vimukta Sharma Director M. Pharm, PhD. 22 22 Years
Dr. Rahul Maheshwari Associate Prof. M. Pharm. PhD 8 Years
Dr. Vijay Patel Professor M. Pharm, PhD. 10 10.3 Years
Mr. Arjun Patidar Assistant Professor M. Pharm. 6 9 Years
Mr. Azaruddin Shaikh Assistant Professor M. Pharm 0 4 Years
Mr. Brijendra Bhadoriya Assistant Professor M. Pharm 1 year
Mr. Navin Sainy Assistant Professor M. Pharm 0 5 Years
Mr. Nitish Rathore Assistant Professor M. Pharm 3 years
Mr. Pawandeep Shukla Associate Prof. M. Pharm 2 7 Years
Mr. Pir Mohammad Assistant Professor BE (IT) 2 5 Years
Mr. Rayees Ahmad Ganee Assistant Professor MA. English 3 years
Mr. Sunil Yadav Assistant Professor M. Pharm 3 years
Mr. Umesh Atneriya Assistant Professor M. Pharm. 4 7 Years
Mrs. Ruhee Jain Assistant Professor M. Pharm. 01 2.9 Years
Mrs. Sarita Sahani Assistant Professor M. Tech. CS 2 Years


Courses Name Seats Duration
Diploma of Pharmacy in BMCPER 50 2 years